Time to stop spammers using this forum

Might be time to institute some verification before allowing posting to this forum. I am seeing way too many of them now.

We’ll take a look at this over the coming days. We’re trying not to make things too hard, but they’ve been particularly aggressive today/last night.

Is it the same person? Can you block by IP address?

Nice forum, thanks.  I learned a lot from it.

Gently-used pharmaceuticals 

I have blocked by IP and some email addresses but they generally use unique ones so it makes it difficult to build the right mouse trap to catch 'em.

@Pundit -  HA! Nice one. 

Any thoughts of appointing some of us more well-known members as enforcers/mods to police spam after hours?

Now we have foreign porn spam.  This forum is moving up in the world.  :smiley:

Now we have foreign porn spam. This forum is moving up in the world. :D


@Pundit - This is something we can certainly think about. We do have some pretty awesome power users! 

However, this whole debacle is just making me crave actual Spam.

This is my fav recipe in case anyone else is in the same boat: 

lol…to all of you.

You could also create a spam button next to the post, and if a certain number of users flag it (5? 10?) it’ll automatically delete/hide it for a mod to review.

@tablotv I thought only Hawaiians liked Spam (You can get it there at McDonalds…)  Had no idea it was popular in the north.

@jbanks25 - No Spam musubi or Spam for breakfast at McDonalds here, but still popular enough when I was growing up. 

Mom used to serve it with a side of this which we nicknamed ‘yellow death’:

MMMM nutritious.