Time Shifted Thumbnails

Noticed something about thumbnails… seems if they are not available when I start watching a program then they won’t be available even if they are completely generated while I am watching the program.

For instance… started watching an hour-long program at 19:50 (time shifted – 10 minutes left in the show). At 20:15, paused the show for a bit. At 20:45, continued show. Stepping through the commercials at this time, there were no thumbnails available.

So, I stopped the show, and resumed it. The thumbnails were now available.

Am I right that the show has to be stopped and started again for the Roku to load the thumbnails? If so, can this be changed to make the thumbnails available as soon as they are ready – without restarting the stream?

@cedarrapidsdboy - With Roku, the thumbnails have to be complete when playback starts for them to be available in the player.


NP! Wish there was a way around it but that’s the way it works.