Time Offset on streaming channels

This is an issue that Tablo Tech support will not acknowledge, so far. New 4-ch Tablo and the start/stop times for the streaming channels are 90 seconds behind clock time, any official time. However, if you set a recording for one of those channels, it starts and stops iaw official clock time. This means that, unless you add 5 minutes, you miss the final 90 seconds of your program. This behavior is not present on the OTA channels. Am I the only person with this issue???

I have tablo 4th gen 2 receiver. I have the same issue
Help please

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I have a similar problem along with a wonky reply

Is this an issue with specific stations or all stations? I would be interested in knowing how often this is happening and what channels might be experiencing this issue more than others.

Regardless, you can change the timing on any program that’s behaving this way by going into your Library > Scheduled > (show) > and then in the recording options there’s a way to start late and end early, or vice versa.

This issue exists for all of the Tablo provided streaming stations; if I watch any of them and also watch a wall clock I can see the time offset. But when I record any of them, the recording starts and stops per actual clock time, offset from the viewing time. This behavior does not exist for OTA stations.