Time incorrect

My time on my tablo is wrong.  I checked the zip code.  It was correct.  Changed it to a main “Denver,” zip code, it’s still one hour off.  Any idea how to update it?  I’ve changed it back to my exact zip code, and it’s still one hour off.

I’m viewing it on my Fire TV and Fire TV stick. The time is correct on my Andriod and computer, just not on my Fire stick and Fire TV.



Set the time zone on the Fire TV properly.

Yep, that fixed it.  I went to System, Time Zone.  Apparently there are two mountain times.  I picked Mountain “daylight,” time, and this fixed it.  

Hope this help future Mountain zone folks!

Glad you got this sorted out :slight_smile:

My amazon fire tablet is 5 minutes over than alexa, google, cable box, and cell phone. tried resetting to factory, checking if time zone is correct. date is correct, but time is 5 minutes over