Time Clock is Wrong

I noticed the time is off by hours on my Tablo so when I pull up the guide at 8:00 PM is is showing 2:00 PM. I looked fro a menu to set the time zone but have been unable to find it.

It gets its clock from the internet, but if you have a device with the wrong time zone (like FireTv), it can mess up the Tablo time. So I would look at the clock setting for each client.

It gets it’s time from your own internet / system settings, has nothing to do with the Tablo itself.


Had the same problem. Time was set to the wrong zone on my Roku. Fixed that and the Tablo is again showing the right time.


Newbie here, just had the same problem with my Roku TV. Thanks for providing the solution here; you saved me what I’m sure would have been hours looking for a manual time zone override in settings (which still strikes me as a good idea).