Thunderstorms effects recording playback

According to my wife when there are extremely bad thunderstorms (both local and distant) and live TV is effected, which I can understand, she even has a problem watching pre recorded shows? After weather event leaves all is well, even recordings.

Doesn’t make any sense?

It’s a Tablo Dual running through a Roku box. Could it be an issue with the Roku?



Hardwired ethernet or Wifi? The storms could be effecting your Wifi network.

Thunderstorms will definitely affect live TV reception, some channels more than others. As far as pre recorded, if she’s getting pixelation, more than likely it was recorded during bad reception. If she’s getting black screen which would indicate buffering problem, could be that the router is getting reset from power problems. Antenna reception usually isn’t consistently perfect.

The Tablo and the Roku both connect to the same household network.

So, you think that there is interference on the network causing both issues, live TV AND recorded, makes sense.

Now I do have an Ethernet connection on the Tablo and the Roku, and I would be easy to connect the two via an Ethernet cable. The Roku and the Tablo are nearby. But, I’m assuming if connect the Tablo to the Roku with an Ethernet cable that would keep other Tv’s with Roku’s from accessing the Tablo via wifi. Unless I could keep both Ethernet and wifi running on the Tablo at the same time?


Ron W.

Correct. You need to connect them both to your router, not to each other.

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