Thumbnails on live TV

Can thumbnails be available when rewinding and then fast-forwarding on live TV?

Short answer is no.

Thumbnails are only generated after a recording has finished recording and a tuner is available to generate the thumbnails.

All DVR’s allow you to see progress of positions in the live stream, whether it be thumbnails or full screenshots of these positions. This should be a no-brainer to add to their software.

unless you have a HDMI model the recording is being transcoded as it’s being recorded. Other DVR’s just record the mpeg that in the OTA.

Yet “All DVR’s” don’t have the technology to stream to multiple devices simultaneously without proprietary devices… without charging a device rental fee yet.

That’s a big brain idea

It’s even possible there are patents involved…

I had the book mark, if you search enough - from what I understand, when tablo starts playing/streaming (which transcodes or “records”) it does arbitrarily with no regard to time or knowledge to programming.

Given that, it can’t just “save the show” because it doesn’t keep track when a program may have started during the live stream playlist, nor when it ended. Technically live TV stream is a playlist, with no particular start time (of day) or end time. The actual start time of a Program is stored in a DB and known prior to transcoding.
Yup, it could do this, that, or the other thing… currently this is what happens[period]

As for proprietary cable DVRs, licensed partners and giant corporations, millions of dollars invested knowing there’s billions in returns.