Thumbnails during FF

I’m fairly new to the Tablo and still on my Trial subscription and learning this thing and how it works. I have a question about the thumbnails presented during FF or REW. I like the way the thumbnails display which helps you get past either commercials or a spot where you want to stop. However I am finding sometimes the Thumbnails do not display for some recordings.

So why do they sometime appear and sometimes not display? Not sure if there is some setting or this is just a glitch in the software occasionally.

I am currently testing it out on the Roku Ultra.

Here is the official answer:

Thanks for that reply. That answers some questions but in my case the only one that could have been an issue was the recording error. For instance I recorded the episode of Seal Team last night. 8 - 10 pm. I didn’t attempt to watch for almost 2 hours after recording was completed. No other tuner uses in progress. I had to watch the whole episode without any thumbnail display during FF.
I’ll keep monitoring.

See if it happens again on the same channel or if i happens on multiple channels. You might have just been unlucky that night, or it could be a sign of other issues. Hopefully it will be a rare occurrence.

In my experience the thumbnails are usually missing because of a reception issue (like pixelization I can see during portions of the playback) that prevents the thumbnail process from completing, but in other instances the recording looks and plays just fine (just no thumbnails). I don’t know the exact numbers, but I’d guess 1 out of every 10-15 of my recordings don’t have thumbnails.

That has been what I have witnessed as well. Just happens at random. I live in an area with very good OTA reception and use a roof mounted antenna. Of course that was the purpose of my query wondering if there was some other issue that might be causing it. I had kinda wondered if this was some kind of commercial skip issue? As I mentioned in the OP I’m still new to this device and getting used to all the features and how everything works.

I have the same issue and I am sure it is due to poor signal or at least that is what they would say. The recordings are clear but sometimes they do not get skipped. I wish tablo would either make it easier to send it back though the process for thumbnails or/and have something that says thumbnails did/did not process like they do for CS.

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I have the same issue, but it’s on every recording, and it just started happening in May. It used to work great, 99% of my recordings had the preview. Since May none of them have it. I’ve done all the troubleshooting steps, and changed internet providers and bought a new mesh router system just to see if it was a wifi related issue.

Then, I tried ethernet with no change. I’m hoping support can help sort it out because I can’t find a reason this would be happening that could be rectified on my end.

Fast forward previews are generated on the device itself. If they’re failing to generate, and you’ve waited for the process to complete after the recording ends, it’s more than likely a signal issue.

Is there a way to add this to a future update so it would at least say if it processed or failed. Some of them I have been clear recordings. It does not happen often but when it does it is kind of annoying. Atleast if we were able to send it through easier and see it then it would make more sense. One of the ones I am noticing it on is judge Jerry. I am thinking this is because the show does the blurry feed when they are changing showing how the green screen works. the recording itself is good though.

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I had an email to support and they did diagnostics, turns out my wifi module in the Tablo is bad, somehow, though, my cloud recordings are fine? If thumbnail Previews aren’t working wouldn’t my cloud recording fail also?