Throw Your Tivo Away

Rovi is nothing but a patent monger. Tivo was acquired for the sole purpose of getting its patents. Rovi will be suing other companies left and right. They’re not interested in development. Rovi as a corporation exists on patent royalties. The Tivo is history, becoming a garbage box, a soon-to-be doorstop. The recent campaign is merely to unload inventory for the Rovi acquisition…

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That’s my guess, too.
The new Tivo Roamio deal did make me drool though… just a little.


Throw Your TiVo Away.

Interesting. I speculated as to whether TiVo’s sudden softening of their hard-assed dedication to overpriced subscription fees had something to do with the acquisition.
The offer is tempting but in view of TiVo’s past history I’m reluctant to abandon the good ship Tablo.

If they would unload it a little bit cheaper, I would be happier. :slightly_smiling:

I figure they will at least continue guide service for a few years (though probably there will be no real change in the company). Have to keep the easy revenue coming from the Bolt customers. For the Roamio deal, it will pay for itself within 2 years, so even if guide service stops at that time, I’m no worse off than now (paying for monthly guide service).

The Tivo is ancient history, a throwback to the mainframe era. It’s architecture is retrograde - a silly, simple one recording box per one viewing box. The Tivo management structure is aware that they are living in the past and were willing to sell out while they could. Tablo has surpassed them in system architecture and networking scope. Tivo has to get out of the game and subsist solely on patents. The Tivo era is over! They’re probably shipping an original Tivo over to the Smithsonian as we speak… Bye bye peanut.

What do you mean? With TiVo Mini you can watch recordings on many TV’s.

A Tivo MINI? Who’s interested in Tivo dwarfs LOL…

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Yes, but if you buy 7 dwarfs they throw in Snow White.


Wow nobody but nobody likes this deal at the Tivo Community Forums. Sadness all around there - nothing positive being said there. Some people withholding purchase or returning their newly bought boxes because of the uncertainty. Rovi not known for any positive development. This has all the makings of a Wall Street deal…

Tivo management personnel being replaced already and impending layoffs indicated as staffs “joined.” Nothing happy there for sure.

For those who have forgot… Rovi under another name was once called MACROVISION …


What patents are those? As far as I am concerned Rovi is a manifestation of the 7th circle of hell in corporate form. I’m wondering if Rovi will now begin patent litigation against companies such as Nuvyyo. Such could be the end of our beloved Tablo. I’ve seen it happen before, see:

Huh? You’re quite mistaken. Tivo is one recording tank, watch it anywhere–even on tablets and computers. Sound familiar?

I think you deliberately misstated what Tivo is for some warped, twisted reason only you know.

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Practicing your comedy stand up routine here? Your spiel is better suited for the Tivo Community Forum :grin:

I noticed you didn’t deny my correction to your deliberate misstatement of how Tivo works.

“Warped, twisted, deliberate” Are you related to “The Donald”?

Back to the topic: why did CraigRoyce deliberately mis-state what Tivo is and how it works?

You wll have to ask him. When you use words like “deliberate” you are being presumptive and belligerent. Unless you’re yet another presidential candidate you should tone down the rhetoric.