Three Big Feature Requests

When I was researching DVR options, there were three BIG features missing (two that your main competitor has), and which almost tilted the scale in their direction. (What tilted the scale back in your favor was the active community, the overall price, and the more friendly lifetime subscription policies.)

  1. Commercial Removal. I know I can skip forward and back, but it would be great to have the commercials completely removed. I know the technology is out there. Even if it’s a post-processing routine that runs after a recording is complete, that would be great. Tivo doesn’t go quite this far, but they have a button that skips to the end of the commercial break. Leapfrog them and give us an option to completely remove commercials.

  2. Faster Playback. I listen to a lot of audiobooks, and my audiobook player has this feature. I find it incredibly useful. I’d love to have that in a DVR. Tivo has it.

  3. User Accounts. I love how Netflix has separate accounts for family members (and specifically a kids version). I’d love to be able to have the kids programs segregated. It might also be nice to have the “resume” and "watched’ data separate for each user, in case my wife and I watch episodes separately.

I apologize if these have already been mentioned.


All great requests. Many which have been already requested in the past. We can only hope they are fulfilled.

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IMO, Tivo is the only true competitor for the OG Tablo. Tablo & Roamio are the only OTA (hardware unit) DVR’s that can give a user a whole home DVR system. IMO, Roamio is more UI feature rich, but Tablo won my business because of it’s wifi ability & it’s compatibility with third party streaming devices.

The new Tablo Droid (IMO) is probably not going to do well. It is a one TV dedicated DVR system that requires the use of a third party device. Who exactly is the target audience for this? IMO, the Channel Master DVR+ is a far superior choice for anyone looking for a one TV dedicated DVR.

It’s possible to remove commercials now using various software and community developed programs, but nothing from Tablo themselves.

Surprised you didn’t ask for 5.1 sound. That’s already been beaten to death and I seriously doubt that it will come this year.

Yeah, I looked really close at the Roamio. It’s a superior product in many ways, but I wasn’t comfortable with the lifetime subscription being tied to the hardware, the extra cost to get remote streaming, and the higher cost.

I’ve seen the many posts here asking for 5.1 sound, but it’s not important for me personally.

I don’t see the difference between Tablo Droid and using Android Live Channels in Android N. Maybe when they began developing it, they didn’t know what was coming to Android TV. The only thing having OTA on AndroidTV Live Channels is everything would be there instead of having to switch source for TV (or if you got a Vizio Display (without OTA tuner).