This Old House & Ask This Old House - Check Scheduled Recordings!

For my zip code here in the Detroit area the new episodes of ATOH and TOH are not marked as “new”. So anyone recording these shows may want to double check!

Already submitted a ticket to Tablo.

I was looking at the schedule for both, and it is bizarre. What it is doing is saying that each episode first was shown exactly one week before, which is why it isn’t marked as new. This appears to be a bug on the schedule provider, and hopefully the Tablo folks can get with them to fix it.

For now, just record all episodes.

Thanks for note, I did catch this - when there wasn’t a “picture” in my schedule.

From my perspective, the bigger let down, when I click on a tab labeled Scheduled to get a screen full of pictures instead of an actual schedule of what and when something is getting recorded.
It’s not until you click on the picture and see the rec button per-episode isn’t changed you need to investigate.
… or someone like you to make an announcement. Thanks again, now we can find out just how strange this foundation issue is.

(fyi, I checked 2 sites I’ve used for program guides. One explicitly said “new” the other did not)

What device are you using? There is a “Coming Soon” section under Scheduled on the Roku. This gives you a chronological list of the scheduled episodes from nearest in the future to farthest.

Coming Soon has also been added to the Android TV preview app.

I use Google ChromeVersion 70.0.3538.67 on a pc using my tv, via hdmi, for a monitor. I think it’s referred to as ‘old-school’ at times.

My only options are All and Conflicts

It must be a local provider issue. TOH Season 39 episode 4 is marked new in Dallas this week and episode 5 is marked new next week.

I agree it must be a local provider issue. TOH season 39 episodes 4 and 5 are not marked as new in Oklahoma City.

Here in SWFL, episode 4 was already broadcast earlier today before I could check, but 5 is marked New for next Saturday.

Yeah, my PBS is HORRIBLE about marking new shows. I thought they had changed as the first episode of old house WAS marked as new. Nope, they are back to not marking anything.

“Fun” fact… my PBS has a subchannel in 480p while the main channel is HD. The old house shows always are on the crappy channel first, by about a week. PBS is so screwed up.

I’m sure this is no secret, as a backup (or fed-up with PBS/scheduler issues) there’s always PBS Anywhere - works on virtually any devices.

Has this been resolved to anyone who’d had issues with it back in Oct '16? I have never had an episode of Ask This Old House marked as new. Were we suppose to individually open a ticket for this?

There’s nothing the Tablo team can do to resolve this. It’s bad data originating with the local PBS stations. Complain to them.

Alright, I know this isn’t going anywhere-
Ok, so I get this right, contact the PBS stations in question as ask them to inform Gracenote when they are broadcasting new episodes of Ask This Old House?

Take note, when checking listing at its designated at new and other programs the show, which I record are broadcast as new… So it’s just that they forget this one show with this one listing service?