This month I constantly get "Failed to load video" retry Playbac

The last couple of weeks my tablo preview makes it almost impossible to watch a recording. Every 5 minutes or so I get the “Failed to load video” with choices or retry or cancel. The most annoying thing is after pressing retry, it starts over at the beginning and I have to search for where I was when the failed message appears. I find my spot (eventually) and 5 minutes later it does it again. I am wondering it it is related to the latest update since this has just started recently.

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Now it is happening every 2 minutes … took me 45 minutes to watch a 30 minute show

Is there a way to roll back the last update. I think it may be my problem.

Since the last Tablo firmware update was in April, I doubt that is your problem. If you are referring to an update to a Tablo app, then you need to provide more information. What device are you using to view your recordings, is it connected by wifi or ethernet, is your Tablo connected by wifi or ethernet, does this happen on other devices (tablet or phone ), what is your recording quality set to?

Maybe with additional information, someone here may be able to help you find a solution to your problem.

This sounds like the Preview app. If it’s the amazon 1.7.2 preview app why not try the original app.


  1. Firesticks HD - happens on all of them
  2. Connected via ethernet
  3. Recording quality: HD 720 - 5mbps

Yes, I am using preview. I will try the original to see what happens.

How are your Fire Sticks hard wired to your router? Is it through a network switch? I have a similar issue with the Preview app on a Fire TV box that I am using remotely through a VPN.

The firesticks are connected to the 5G wifi … no VPN . One is 3 feet from the wifi router

Well, I opened the original Tablo app instead of preview and it doesn’t have the issues. It hasn’t given me the “failed” message and it lets me resume.
Now I also noted the following

  1. The picture is much sharper
  2. No Commercial Skip Feature
  3. I can’t get to the settings to turn on closed captioning. I press option key and settings shows on the bottom right of the screen but I can’t get to it.
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I too am having a similar issue. It occurs using preview and the normal app on Nvidia Android TV. I haven’t seen it on my Apple TV however, and I have no issues with Netflix or Amazon prime streaming apps on the same android TV box. I’ve rebooted Tablo, rebooted my router, power cycled Tablo, replaced my hard drive, no joy.

it would help to know if this error is coming from the Tablo server due to problems loading the video from the hard drive, or does it originate from the clients running on android TV? I would assume the clients would just buffer and spin but Tablo developers should be able to tell me. Any help is appreciated.

Oh, and this problem started a little over a month ago. Around the same time a change had to be made to the preview app in order for it to work properly on the recently upgraded Android 0S. I believe there was also an upgrade to the Tablo firmware around the same time. Everything worked perfectly prior to these upgrades.