This is why I appreciate Tablo and local storage

It seems a cable company recently decided to change their cloud DVR policy from 365 days storage to 61. That’s why I prefer Tablo and local storage.

Thank you Tablo!

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Of course, the other day someone was critical of “our apparent super old age” and said “all not old folks” expected to pay through the nose for unreliable, variable and temporal media. It’s the way of the future!!

I cried a little (realizing the I put way those crappy ways for something better). I prefer to be “old” and wise…

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Bad hearing isn’t a medical condition. It’s a coping mechanism so we don’t have to listen to those turds! :joy:

When the Tablo Dual Lite first appeared (2018), it had cloud storage if you chose not to have a hard drive. Initially it was free, but then it became a paid service. It died soon after that.

It was introduced with the Tablo Dual LITE back in 2018 as a free service. You could either use the cloud for storage or you could buy a hard drive like all other Tablos. Here is a post I made it about it when it went away:

It was back when the Tablo folks were experimenting with making the Tablos not need the user to buy a hard drive. The Dual 64 had built in storage and the Lite had the option of cloud storage.

The Cloud DVR offered 64 GB of storage space. As a free service, it was tolerable, but in 2019 it became a paid service for $4.99 a month. Here is my list of it’s shortcomings after that:

  1. You can get a decent 1 TB portable drive for $50. Unless you are going to use a Tablo for a few months, it is way cheaper and more space to buy a drive.
  2. Cloud recording did not support commercial skip.
  3. Cloud storage created a lot more internet traffic, as the data was stored on the cloud and not your home network. Unless you had uncapped data, there was more of a chance to hit your data cap.

The Gen 4 Tablo with easily expanded storage on my side, as a onetime expense, is fine for me.
There are always customers who do not know how to upgrade storage; for them, more internal storage would be nice. I suspect that selling cloud storage usually doesn’t work out for either party. The customer gets tired of paying more fees as time goes on. The DVR maker figures out that, after paying for farmed out billing and cloud services, they are not making as much profit from the cloud as expected.

One of the main reason I stuck with Tablo. The DVR/Guide service is free. AND it’s on prem. We had DTV Stream for a while. We had to pay for the DVR service for a while and it went free. But the bill went up a year later, so we paid for it behind the scenes. The wife would have issues with finding/keeping her recordings around. This was monthly.

It is nice to have it on prem and have it on prem as long as you want.

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Sorry I don’t understand, but what’s a prem?

sorry for the geek talk… on prem = on premise.

:laughing: Guilty of that!

Absolutely, although guide data wasn’t “free” on OG units I did the math an decided the lifetime subscription was worth it. Apparently the data is free for the new gen though so that’s nice.

That’s nice when cloud DVR was an option but I much prefer the at home storage. Home based DVR is easier to rip when something notable happens. Like when my niece ended up in a feel good piece on the news because she was at the park. It was really funny because she skipped work that day and lied! :laughing: Then her and her friend showed up on TV. :rofl: They tried to slink away casually.