This all started on Wednesday

I noticed that my channels had became a little skippy. Every 45-60 seconds there would be a little audio skip. Maybe 2 out of 10 times the video would be effected on said skip as well. Reception on all of my channels is perfect 5 green circles. I disconnected the amp to make sure that wasn’t the problem and it was still occurring. Have rebooted and the problem still persists. Have re-scanned and reloaded the channels. Still happening.

Also noticed on Wednesday that when watching a completely recorded show I could no longer fast forward it. I can ask siri to skip ahead and that will work. But I can’t physically jump ahead at 10 second intervals or fast forward. Rewind is unaffected and works normally.

Do these skips occur with playback on other devices? iPad or iPhone or computer?

Yes it’s happening on my ipad and iphone. We have OTA reception at work and I’m noticing similar skips on our NBC affiliate here as I am at home so maybe there’s an error in their signal even though it’s technically at full strength. But I’ve always noticed these skips at work but never at home with my Tablo in the two months I’ve had it.

So does this audio skip only happen with one specific channel on the Tablo? It could be the actual transmission which has issues rather than signal issues.

I’m noticing it on my NBC affiliate and it’s sub-channels (those are what I watch live the most). I was thinking it was them, but then I was flipping around channels last night and Kimmel was skipping and breaking (audio and video) up even though it was at full strength. Again they all could be isolated incidents related to those stations. Just in the past I’ve only ever had a skipping issue if the channel was at medium strength or less.

@SAndrews10 Are you running scans to make sure the reception is still at the 5 green dots? If you’re looking at the Settings screen and see the signal strength meters, these are just indications of your last scan - not live data.

@TabloSupport yes i’m constantly updating/checking doing a re-scan to see my current levels. I usually do it once a day when I get home from work. But I’ve been doing them several times the past couple nights and especially if something starts to get really skippy.

@TabloSupport now every channel is skipping in some capacity. I have perfect reception, I even got another amp to replace the mohu one (I read for some that can go) but the same issue persists.

@TabloSupport for giggles I brought up my downstairs antenna up and plugged it in to the Tablo and got the same results.

@TabloSupport I did a reboot early Saturday evening and so far so good knock on wood things seem to be “normal”. i did a reboot on Thursday but that didn’t seem to help. I’ll just leave it on and be thankful and hopeful.

@SAndrews10 Glad to hear things are getting better, but if you have any more trouble, definitely reach out to us directly. Our support team will be able to help you better this way.

You are not alone, I’ve had the exact same problem since 9/30, NBC video scattered despite full strength, corresponded to 2.2.11 update. Yesterday they released 2.2.12 update to my Tablo, now the NBC and ABC shows are unwatchable via the Tablo, CBS is also not very good. Whenever there is a bad video recording, now the fast forward of the recording becomes un-synchronized, marker can go to the end and you’ve barely advanced. I replace my Roku and cables, not fixed.

I already had a two way splitter so I can flip back and forth between watching TV directly via the antenna input versus the Roku app and Tablo, TV direct to antenna is perfect on all affected channels, while the Tablo video is breaking up. I also verified it was not related to the new Roku by watching the Tablo live video on an IPad, still unwatchable. I’d like to suggest Tablo support try rolling our boxes back to version 2.2.10 or older to see if they can get back to something that works, then work out remaining issues from there.

2.2.12 works just fine for me and many others since few are commenting. I have 2 r3s, 1 NP, 1 Mi II, 2 iPads, 2 iPhones and 3 computers and everything is working just FINE. Hope you can find and solve your problem.

This problem only relates to the Tablo, it’s independent of the viewing device (we too have Android, IPads, IPhones, Roku). I found a way of temporarily fixing it by being connected to the Tablo via the Roku app, and then doing a Tablo power cycle. After the active Roku app reconnects, each channel’s video remains at high quality until a recording starts, then only that channel’s video becomes poor, and unfortunately stays that way :frowning:

@brayfield - Have you done a recent channel scan as @TabloSupport suggested above? What does it show?

Is it possible your antenna has been moved or the connection to the Tablo needs tightening?

I’ve re-done the channel scan many times, including late last week, no changes in signal readings or picture quality. Last Friday rechecked all connections, even disconnected, inspected and reconnected them, no improvement. The ladder came out Saturday, our antenna is still in the same position, all connections still tight.

With a Tablo power down reboot while connected via Roku, once the two devices reconnect, all channels then have perfect picture quality. The picture quality then ONLY degrades when the Tablo begins a new recording, and ONLY on channels where recordings have occurred.

A neighbor let us borrow their old single tuner Channelmaster DVR Sunday, I connected it to what is normally the TV side of the antenna splitter (which I’d already both removed and replaced previously, no Tablo fix). The Channelmaster DVR recorded a clear, perfect picture of the NBC Nightly News, while the Tablo recorded the typical scrambled picture since software rev. 2.2.11 or 2.2.12 was installed.

Given how other users are having the same issues only after the latest software updates, and how I have no picture quality issues when connected to our TV or an alternative DVR, all signs are pointing to this being a software issue. Want to revert our Tablo back to Rev. 2.2.8 to verify if this is the case?


@brayfield Hey there - we just sent over a note for next steps. Our engineers are waiting to analyze a few sample recordings to see what’s going on.

I now have the replacement Tablo (thanks for finding the hardware issue), just need instructions for how to get it setup to use the lifetime subscription I’ve already purchased, and good to go.

Go to

Click on Settings

Under Active Subscriptions, click on Manage

Click on Manage My Tablo Account Portal

Type in your email address and password

Click on Add Tablo

Enter your new Tablo’s serial number that begins with “LD-B”

Click on Add

The old Tablo will not connect using a browser & It will connect via the apple app, but I’m never given the option to add new Tablo to the subscription.