Thinking of adding a Roku 4 ... why should I?

I am using a Tablo 4 tuner unit that I am casting to a Vizio 65 P Series (2016) TV. This is a 4K TV that uses the Vizio “Smart Cast”, which seems to do most or all of what a Roku does. What, if anything, would a Roku 4 do for me?

Thanks in advance.


It depends on whether you have all the apps you need or not. With my Roku, I get Sling, WatchESPN, Funimation, and Crunchyroll, all apps you can’t get with Vizio. But if you just need the Tablo, Netflix, and other mainstream apps, you should be fine with just your TV.

The only thing that my 4k Vizio TV gives me that my Roku Premiere + doesn’t is Netflix in 4K (it does Amazon and YouTube in 4k just fine). I am assuming that issue will get fixed on the Roku eventually.

From a Tablo perspective, the Vizio app may work just as well as the Roku app.

If you are good with “casting” then I don’t know that a Roku makes much sense really.

It definitely depends on your use case.

For me, I did not want to have to always have my phone or tablet near by to look up content or connect to the app before casting it to the TV. Far easier & quicker to just pick up the Roku remote and start watching TV.

Additionally, for my use case, we have multiple TVs, used by 4 family members, that would make the whole “casting” scenario even more convoluted.

But, if you find using your mobile device to start the experience, just as easy as picking up a Roku remote, then you are good to go.

Roku has a LOT of channels that are likely NOT built into the TV itself (and TVs notoriously discontinue updating apps and supporting them within 3 - 4 years) but that should only apply for using the mainTV apps, for casting, you should be able to use almost any app on your mobile device and in that scenario I cant think of any that would exist on Roku but not have a mobile app available…

You might also want to look at the new Shield TV running Android TV. It runs the current Tablo app very well, and also allows you to “cast” apps to your TV like you are currently doing, but with the added option of a UI and physical remote.

This is what Roku’s offer you.

Roku is the oldest streaming device and has no conflicts of interest.

Also A roku4 is 4 K compatible.