Thinking about returning my tablo

I’m not happy with the quality and service. I bought a brand new ssd hard drive. My signal if all green on every channel.
Every single record I playback either pixelates or takes for ever to buffer no matter which device I try to use.

It’s very annoying! :triumph:

You don’t need an SSD drive, just use a plain old hard drive.

What is the make and model of the SSD you bought?

Samsung 860 EVO 500gb. I know I don’t but I had it laying around. I bench tested it prior to using it.

How is the Tablo connected to your network? What streamer boxes are you using and how are they connected?

If Wifi, what Wifi access points are you using?

Finally, what recording quality do you have set, and have you tried using a lower quality?

my tablo is hard wired to a gigabit network switch. I have amazon fire sticks, they’re connected via WIFI with Excellent to Very good Signal, I have access points on each level of my home.

I’m recording at the 10mb (highest) i’ve tried going down to 5mb still the same issue. why should I go down more? i have no issues with other streaming services (Netflix, CBS all access, Hulu) so the issue is with tablo alone…

I’m very disappointed!

Is it a Mesh Wifi?

Is it a compatible hard drive?

Just throwing this out there… maybe there’s a real hw problem on this Tablo device? You might want to have support look at it.

Was going to suggest the same thing. Unless you really just don’t want to put any time into troubleshooting it would be worth opening an official support ticket so they can take a look at the logs and see if they can give you guidance as to the source of the problem.

I don’t have a mesh wifi, well not yet… they’re only repeaters.

I’ll try a WD Elements see if that changes things.

I’ll open up a ticket if the issue isn’t resolved with a new hard drive that is supported.

Let us know how things go when you’ve swapped out the disk. We’ve seen damaged disks cause pixelation before - but the most common cause for this is OTA reception. When the reception dips, the image can pixelated - which can also cause buffering issues. Depending how this goes, you can send us a note here.

You could also unplug the SSD, reboot the Tablo and try watching TV. Without the SSD / HDD, you should be able to watch Live TV (you can’t record anything of course).

But if there is still buffering then your issue is likely related to poor OTA signal.

If there is no buffering, then it is the SSD.

I recommend get a quality Antenna and set it up outside your house elevated pointing to the Broadcast tower in your area… You will definitely see a difference and appreciate Tablo… I know you said you get green dots on signal but if it fluctuates a lot then that’s poor signal… Hope it’ll change your mind returning…

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Wondering how this turned out?
I switched to Tablo after having ongoing issues with my HDHomerun setup/tuner…even bought and returned a new HDHomerun tuner that had the same issues - pixelation and dropped recordings (apparently due to lost signal).

I bought the Table 4 Tuner a few weeks ago and using the same antenna, no pixelation or dropped recordings!

I Love my Tablo!!