Thinking about getting Tablo. Can you stream the same channel to two tvs at once?

Like the title says, can I stream the same channel to two tvs at the same time? I have found it difficult to find an answer to this question.

Yes. I’m not totally sure on the logic, but it may well be that only 1 tuner is involved (?)

I have a multi zone setup. Living room and patio that I would like to have the same live event playing on in both spaces at the same time. Thank you for the help!

Note: They won’t be synchronized.

How out of sync are we talking?

It will vary (you shouldn’t count on it being close to exact, it may be quite noticeable). Each end device could also pause and resume independently.

Ok, good to know, and that’s a nice trick. I’ll probably give it a shot.

I am not sure the synch issue is with Tablo but more with you streaming device. I ofter have the same channel on in the kitchen and office. The kitchen has a Roku Ultra and the office an Apple TV 4. They are never in synch. I would say they are off about 10-15 seconds. Not sure why.

NOTE: this is not only Tablo but with streaming apps over the internet too.
Also, it might be one device is on Ethernet and the other on Wifi 5GB.

You want true sync, use an HDMI splitter and run both HDTVs off the same Roku device. See link, not bad for $25.

Very nice! Thank you for the link. I’m thinking through the logistics of using this with Tablo. Chromecast into this and two cable out to separate inputs on my receiver to the TVs. Does that sound right?

Interesting. I might be able to put that to the test since both streaming devices will be right next to the Tablo and they will be plugged into the receiver, which will be housed in the same cabinet with the tablo.