Thinking about buy a tablo

I am thinking about buying a tablo and would love to record live TV. I have read that I need to buy an external hard drive to hook up to Tablo. What are some good examples of external hard drives that work well with Tablo. Thank you.

For our setup in our house we use a WD Passport Utra (1TB) We’ve had this setup since February 25 of 2016 And had no issues so far.

If you want some recommendations…check out this forum thread.
“Tested” hard drives

It will be a “catalog” of drives that people on here have tested with the Tablo.

If you buy a Quad you’ll also have the option of using an internal SATA drive (standard 2.5" drive that’s either 7mm or 9.5mm high). I’m using an internal 2tb WD SSD.