The whole thing including TV just switched off

some tv’s have an energy saver mode that is enabled by default and turns theft off when there is no key press for a certain period of time.

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Yes so not even the timer has to be on, but an energy saving mode will do this too.

This is getting a tad silly. It only goes into Energy Saving mode while sometimes streaming content from Tablo, twice in maybe 20 minutes and then not again for many, many hours? Today, just for grins, I left it on and it’s been showing the Roku screensavers for about 4-5 hours now.

On the balance of probabilities, I suspect you guys thought today was April, 1st. :eyes:

No not April 1st.

Your problem is probably being caused by a neighbor. They may be an early adopter of the new Logitech Harmony NSA Presidential remote control.

Works with the entire universe. Controls everything like magic.

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It just happened again, with a new, different HDMI cable. I did observe this time that the white status light on the Roku started flashing rapidly, right before it happened (in fact, I saw the blinking light just before the display stopped and the TV switched off. The Roku light kept flashing for 15-20 seconds, It looked like a Roku reset. Afterwards, the Tablo had to reconnect as well.

So I’m going to ask @TabloSupport again - is there any possibility that the Tablo app is crashing on the Roku? Is there any logs that I or you can look at?

Please, this is a terrible situation.

Just so we’re crystal clear on it, last night, several hours, my family was watching Netflix and we had zero issues. Today, earlier after school, my daughter watched Netflix and again, no problems. I sat down and within 40 minutes saw the Roku/Tablo crash.

We’re taking a look, and we’ll send you a DM with our findings :slight_smile: