The ultimate glitch?

So everything on my Tablos were working fine last night using the standard app. I have two 2 tuner models hooked up to two separate HDD’s. This morning 95% of my recorded shows disappeared and the few that showed there was a recording, when clicked on, said no recording. Live TV grid is blank. I’ve updated info, no change. Restarted the box, no change. Behavior is exactly the same on both boxes.

Fearing I’ve lost everything, I thought I’d try the preview app. Everything recording-wise is there and works and while the guide isn’t fully populated, it does have some info and does work.

What did Tablo do to the app?

Which app? Roku?

Sorry… FireTV

Thanks. I will have to let others test this one, since I don’t have a FireTv. Though it is bizarre that the app is connecting to the Tablos fine, just not loading any data on them.

Yeah, really weird, I guess I should open a ticket. I just went back to the standard app and it still is wonky. At least the preview app is working (for now!).

Ok, fixed. I checked the FireTV app on my other TV and it was working fine. So I uninstalled/reinstalled the app on the offending TV and now it seems fine.

Still a really weird occurrence, but I guess that’s somewhat the norm in today’s computer driven world.