The Table Duel HDMI and reception

If my OTA reception goes bad for a short time( I only have this problem with a few channels). I have to press the OK button to try it again.If I do not press button screen will ask me to retry indefinitely. Why does the Tablo Duel HDMI do this? It is annoying and serves no purpose. If I was recording a show I record i blank screen. If I hook an OTA aerial directly to TV ( get rid of Tablo) reception goes in an out occasionally but when it comes in it works , I do not have to do anything. With Tablos system it will stay out until I press the button even though reception could be good by that time. I find this feature annoying and unproductive. Can you please get rid of it!

I totally agree. I have tested the reception through the Tablo’s tuner, it is very flaky. When I disconnect it and connect directly to the TV’s tuner I get very nice reception. I do wish it just let the “weak” signal through and didn’t interrupt with that message.
Please change how this particular aspect of the product operates.
Thank You.

I have Tablo dual not HDMI but I notice that if I get a channel that Is weak and breaking up i switch antenna to TV and reception is good so I’ve come to the conclusion that the tablo tuner is weak in comparison.
Am I right in saying this is there different qualities of tuners or is there a setting that might be messing with reception.

Comparing the Tablo and your TV tuner isn’t apples to apples since the Tablo has a splitter (and a amplifier to help compensate) while your TV is just direct.