The sound on my recordings turns to noise

I have had several circumstances when playing back a recording it turns to distorted noise. We will get half way through a program only to have the sound turn to noise. Does anyone have any suggestions?

By this, do you mean the picture itself begins to pixelate? Or do you mean the audio becomes distorted - or both? Is this limited to a single channel? If so, it may be a reception problem.

The picture remains absolutely perfect. I am referring to recorded programs and is only the audio. I don’t think it is a signal strength issue since it happen on all channels including the channels I have the strongest signal strengths on. I have had it happen a few minutes into a recording and at the very end of recordings. I am truly at a loss to explain it. It sounds like the sound become scrambled.

Do you have any of these recordings still on your Tablo, or have they been deleted by now? If you play back the sound at the same spot a few times on different Tablo apps, is the sound always distorted in the same spot?