The new Apple TV update

Ever since the Tablo app on my Apple TV updated a week or so ago I’ve run into a few minor issues/changes and I wonder if anyone else is experiencing them.

LIVE TV: before when I loaded a channels live stream and it started playing I’d immediately hit pause and let it load 10-20 seconds in the buffer before hitting play and watching it. I found I’d get better live performance that way. But now after the update when the live stream starts you can’t hit pause, that does nothing. I have to hit back 10 seconds a few times and after 2-4 minutes I’m able to finally hit pause.

When scrubbing through shows the tile now longer shows the video fast forwarding as you move through it. It’s just blank.

The tiles you’re referring to (preview windows, thumbnails, etc) are the result of a bug in the tvOS update that Apple issued. We’ve sent them a bug report.

For your first issue - does this happen with all live TV channels? We’ll try to reproduce this here.

Yes. Still happening with all live channels. I’m also experiencing an occasional prime time reboot of my Tablo. It happens the first week of the fall season on Wednesday that week when I was recording three shows. It happens last Tuesday when I was recording three shows and just last hour as I was recording three shows. Now I have been able to record three and four shows successfully. Just once a week I seem to be having a reboot

We’ve got a fix for the player issue in beta now. This wouldn’t be connected to your Tablo reboots though. If you’re still having that problem, send our team a ticket.

The fix is now on the way: NEW - Tablo Apple TV App Update (v 1.3.2)

Excellent I look forward to it!