The Japanese are already BROADCASTING in 8k

will Tablo be ready when it comes to the US?
(I very well may be dead by then… )

Possibly, however you need a 175" TV screen and you need to sit 3 ft. in front of it in order to see the difference. :slight_smile:

but by the time it gets to the US, some ultimate-k full wall TV might be where the big OLEDs are now…

The Progression

4K TV --> 8K TV --> 16K TV --> 32K TV --> 64K TV --> 128K TV --> 256K TV…

Not good enough - I’m waiting for a minimum of 1024K TV and probably for a 4096K TV.

Makes you wonder how much resolution is enough… it really depends on a combination of factors including source material, screen size and your viewing distance, excluding factors such as your visual acuity, color sensitivity, etc. I came across an interesting chart that helps you gauge how much is enough.

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With a 4096K TV we won’t need Tablo’s Remote Connect. On a clear day one can see 4096K TVs forever. :nerd:

HDR is becoming a significant component also.