The guide for 55-4 METVPLS is off by an hour

The TV Guide for 55-4 METVPLS is off by an hour in the DFW (zip code 75025) area. It messes up all the shows scheduled to be recorded. What needs to be done to correct the issue?

I contacted Tablo TV Support but did not receive a response.


I usually open an e-mail help ticket including the zipcode, channel.etc.

But if you compare what’s actually playing versus the tablo schedule to the schedule generated from versus the schedule from kazd for metv+, are they all the same? I don’t think the titantv schedule matches the kazd schedule and titantv is usually the most reliable.

I did not see METVPLS on I did find the DFW METVPLS schedule on their website, and it lists correctly what is actually broadcasting. The Tablo guide show programs playing one hour earlier than they actually do.

On titantv you create a new channel lineup. Select broadcast. Enter you zipcode 75025. Select dallas-fort worth and save. It shows up as channel 55-4.