The Guide data is incorrect....... Please fix ASAP!

The Guide data was ‘and is still’ wrong causing the recording of the “Star Trek: Discovery” on Jan 14th 2021 to not be recorded.

Looking into it more I have found this show and 3 others I have set to record on this channel (CBS, ch2 of Salt Lake City, Utah) are not going to record properly for at least the next 2 weeks, If this issue is not resolved soon.

Bellow I have attached screenshots of tTV guid data from and of the time Tablo has this show set for.

Please fix this issue ASAP!

I also highly recommend an faster way of reporting incorrect guide data from users to help prevent this from happening in the future.

I would expect this from a free service but a paid service should be correct 100% of the time!

Bad recording…

Titan TV backdated…

Tablo schedule…

Titan TV schedule…

What’s wrong with the Tablo guide data?

“Star Trek: Discovery” and 3 other shows have there time incorrect for (ch.2-1 - CBS, for Salt Lake City Utah)

Tablo’s Guide says this. (CBS 2-1: “Star Trek: Discovery” starts at 8pm) says this, (CBS 2.1: “Star Trek: Discovery” starts at 9pm)

And as you can see from the screenshots before that is correct because Tablo recorded ‘Mom’ and ‘Unicorn’ instead off ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ on the 14th

Could it be something like this?

What does the KUTV WEB site say.

It appears Titan TV is wrong. Tablo data matches the station.

The station website itself says ST D is on at 8 pm on Thursday. See below. Talk to the station if this is wrong.

That is a good guess,
But I don’t think so because I have not had any other issues just that one show for now and it was working until the 14th, however before the 14th it was recording at 9pm not 8pm.

Plus the 10 o-clock news is still on at 10pm on both the guides

KUTV use to be owned by Sinclair Broadcast. Has it been sold to TitanTV?

If the actual station’s WEB site is incorrect maybe you need to report it so that it gets fixed.

Some guide providers actually get their data from what the station releases.

It’s not like TitanTV is correct 100% of the time.

You are correct apparently the Tablo Guide is correct for the 21st at least.
So what the heck happened on the 14th

See the top screen shot from my first post it shows Episode 11 recorded at 9pm on the 7th (this one was correct.
The Episode 12 recorded at 8pm on the 14th (this one was not it was a rerun of Mom) as shown in the next screen shot.

See my confusion!
I don’t know what to think now…

Thank you for pointing my somewhat strait…

The station schedule could be wrong on the website! So see what the Tablo records this week at 8 pm. Well more see what is actually airing at 8 pm, like tune in live.

Good point, I will check into that

what is that :grinning:

The guide has been corrected!
On both KUTV and Tablo.
Odd That had it correct.

So the station itself had it wrong? That sounds like a 2020 thing, not 2021 lol

Yes they did, it was ok on the 7th missed the 14th, and was fixed just a day are two before the 21st.