The great debate - Roku vs Tablo

So much energy devoted to assigning blame for failures… To me it’s an unproductive effort in futility. You don’t hit home runs swinging a tennis racquet. You don’t ace service with a baseball bat. Bad bat? No. Bad racquet? No.


One of the problems is that so many people had Rokus to begin with PRIOR to getting a Tablo. I had four Rokus in four separate rooms BEFORE buying a Tablo. We had a budget for a DVR - $200 or less. A two tuner Tablo met our financial limit. We weren’t going to add $50 or $150 to that purchase - the Rokus stayed.

If Roku becomes intolerable…it will go… In my case, the Tablo will be the winner, not the Roku since there are alternatives to the Roku within our price limits. Any alternative to the Tablo is NOT within our price limits. Tablo wins! Besides my wife loves it.

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That’s the exact same situation I was in - unfortunately I have a budget for experimenting with new gadgets :smile: Tablo is one of my top 3 most used streaming apps so it gets priority for best experience…plus my wife and kids have more limited patience.

I had the same thirty years ago when I was single :laughing:

Keeping wifey happy is always top priority.

Gotcha. Just a thought for those at the crossroads.

Today, I’m happy with our Roku 4 and Tablo.

Happy endings are nice. Was it a bumpy ride? Not being judgemental, just trying to illuminate matters of incompatibility. I’m delighted with my current Tablo ( non Roku) experience.

Yes Roku quickly became the gold standard. Many still swear by it. Some (Tablo users), swear at it. I went from Chromecast (meh) to Nexus player (hoorah) and missed all the fun.