The Good Doctor showing on CBS but it plays on ABC



Could it be your channels have moved?


don’t think so as all my other shows on those channels are fine.


makes you wonder what the guide thinks is on CBS/ABC for that time frame.

I have multiple tablos and I had Saturdays College football games spread across multiple tablos. Last nights guide update cleared the recording flag for all the games I had set on only one tablo. The others were still set.


Hey there, if you take a look at the reocrding options in your first screenshot (just below and to the left of the ‘REC’ button) it looks like you’ve enabled an advanced recording option to specify CBS over ABC. It appears the series is airing on both channels, and it’s been specified to record to CBS.


OK I changed that, Didn’t even know that was an option. Thanks for your help. Hope it works now.