The Future of Reception

Interesting article on OTA-ATSC 3.0 with two significant statements:

“We haven’t even mentioned that the signal strength of upcoming ATSC 3.0 broadcast promises to be stronger than today’s digital broadcast. Those of us who switched from analog to digital over-air broadcast TV learned quickly that our present digital signal strength is weaker than analog. But the new digital standard will make up for this with the inclusion of an adaptable frequency feature that the ATSC says will specialize in, allowing signals to travel further and to penetrate deeper into buildings and basements within range.”

“Immediate benefits for cord cutters are obvious - easier-to-receive digital TV transmissions means no reliance on a rooftop antenna, cable or satellite.”

“When the next generation TV is deployed it will be the first time that over-air TV will be built on an Internet protocol backbone.”

If you live in Portland, Oregon and can obtain a ATSC 3.0 tuner you can watch ATSC 3.0 during the test period.