The Dish Guy came calling

Hi all. This is my first post, but I’ve been lurking and learning a lot from all of you. Thanks to you all for being so helpful and supportive, especially the Tablo support folks and the regulars. I love the Tablo and I now have two of them, both running through Roku 3s. I’ve been using Tablo for just over a year, and I just love it.

I’ve been ‘about to post’ several times, but never have. I have to share this with you,
though. I just had a knock on the door, and it was a Dish Network guy going through the neighborhood trying to convert people. First, he was surprised that I don’t get cable or satellite. (It was so much fun telling him that.) Then I told him I also was able to watch live TV or record shows pulled from the air for free. That make his ears perk up. When he asked how, I said ‘Tablo’, and I spelled it for him. Then I invited him in to see what I was talking about. I happened to be watching TV at the time, so I showed him the Roku interface
through the Preview channel. I showed him the tablet interface, and then the antennas and the Tablos themselves. All the while, he was asking questions, which I was easily able to answer, partially thanks to this fabulous community. He left, telling me he was going to talk to his wife about it, and talking about getting one very soon, and asked where he can get them. I also told him about this community and the excellent support available.

I always proselytize about the Tablo, and I think I’ve gotten one or two converts. He’ll be the next, I think.

On a side note, when 2.2.6 came out, I updated one of my Tablos and decided to check the forum before updating the second one. I’m very glad I did. I had only experienced one or two problems at that point, but after reading the post by sodaman_2000, I reset my network and rebooted my Tablos and Rokus, all was well. No problems at all now. Thanks sodaman!!


Good stuff. I had a few neighbors asking me about it when I was climbing around on the roof installing, uninstalling, reinstalling and aiming my antenna. While I don’t think cutting is for everyone, I don’t miss cable or satellite at all. The savings of $100 is just the icing on the cake now.

Now if I could figure out where the extra $100 is going…

I love the “I hope your current provider can…” letters I get from comcast from time to time… its kinda sad like some sort of jilted lover break up letter.

A couple of years ago when I called DirecTV to drop them and switch to OTA, they connected me to retention and this poor lady was reading from a script. She asked who my new service provider would be, I answered “regular antenna” and then she started with the questions:
“Well, will regular antenna provide you with…”

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I’ve been unlinked for over 10 years now. Way too many free and less expensive sources for movie/TV entertainment. Besides I really dislike having to explain why I don’t want to be crooked for this and that. Far better to be free.


@al0061 - Hahaha. Love it! And thanks very much for all of your word-of-mouth advertising. We really appreciate it.

good show. i enjoyed calling dish to cancel my service, telling them i was switching to an OTA DVR, but not to fret, i’ll sub to Sling during football season, so you’ll still get a little money from me through them.

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Just perusing here and came across your post which I enjoyed. Especially the part where you converted the Jehovahs Witness from Dish. HA!