The ability to extend a recording that's already in progress

Here’s a feature that was left out of the design of this product.
Instead of only having the option of adding time in advance, why not make that option available while the recording is already in progress?
Or, at the very least, provide the option of stopping the first recording and re-establishing it with the option of extending it.
It’s not at all uncommon for a show to start later than it’s intended time. However, that’s not always the case. If you automatically extend it in advance, it could be a pointless waste of space on the drive…and what if you happen to forget to extend it in advance?
Tonight was a perfect example. The football game ran late, so “60 Minutes” didn’t start on time. You should be able to add that additional 5, 15, 30 minutes, etc. to the back end of the recording or (at the very least) create a new recording and add the neccessary time.
The only other option would be to record the show (or shows) following it.
That’s not a real solution. Especially on a night such as tonight, when it’s being followed by a two hour movie!
What I’m requesting has been done before with other DVR products (which is all the more reason why it’s not a dream, it’s a reality).
There’s no reason why it can’t be implemented here.

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And what is your design for conflict resolution? For some users sliding a bunch of programing further down the time frame will result in a conflict. What baby gets tossed out with the bathwater - LiFo, FiFo, random.

And do most users really know that in real time a recording is running over. It’s a DVR. Going back probably 15-20 years on various DVR products I don’t remember sitting at the the start of 60 minutes and saying oh crap the football game is running over. If I’m watching the game live I have a pretty good idea 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter. And if I’m watching the recording it’s usually 1-2 hours behind real time. So by the time I realize what’s going to happen it’s too late.

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Let’s take a poll of normal end users of this product. Not the Tablo staff here and/or the (mysterious) defenders.
Let’s see if real consumers would be willing to sacrifice one of two or (especially) four tuners to have the ability to extend a recording “on the fly”, in the event that the recording has already started and they know that they’ll miss part of it, unless they add on the next (or possibly multiple) shows in order to have a complete recording (the clunky “workaround” method).
It might even serve to improve sales on the “Quad” models, since there would still be two available tuners.
In fact, having the ability to extend a recording already in progress is an excellent feature!
The general consensus (of actual unbiased end users) would likely agree.
Once again, if other manufacturers incorporated this option (even with a two tuner configuration), perhaps it’s not such a bad idea after all.:thinking:
Would you be criticizing this suggestion if it had already been Incorporated into the design of the Tablo? Would there be any justification in that?
It’s just perfectly fine the way it is, right?
Why improve upon perfection, right?
Why even bother considering what is, in reality, a very practical option?
If there’s any one here that’s open-minded and unbiased (aka, a real consumer such as myself) and would appreciate having this option, please feel free to respond.

The TiVo based DVRs are the most polished (and also the most expensive by far) that allow you to edit a recording in process and extend it. Their hardware is about twice the price of Tablo, and the subscription is also much higher compared to Tablo.

To compare it to like products, you have the Amazon Recast, Tablo and HDHomerun products. None of these 3 allow you to edit a recording in process and extend it.

My biggest beef is with shifting schedules, specifically on nights where sports are present (i.e. Sunday Nights on CBS - it always screws up my recordings of NCIS Los Angeles).

You can’t blame the programming problems on Tablo - it is the broadcaster. The only way to overcome the problem is to manually edit the recording PRIOR to the start - I usually catch the problem, and extend the recording 1 hour to catch all of the program. If I snooze, and the recording starts, I am out of luck…

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If the program is already recording and I know it’s going to run long, I’ll go to the guide and record the next upcoming program.
Not the ideal solution, but this works for me… when I’m not snoozing :smiley:

Much of the talk sounds like it’s from someone who lives in the eastern timezone. I live on the west coast in a DMA with a large population. Delaying the start of one show would normally just cause it to over lap another show in prime time.

The Steelers NLF game starts at 1:25PM. If it runs long it runs not into prime time but the news. The NFL Sunday night game is handled like an extended prime time. The network doesn’t distribute programing for any shows after 8:30PM PDT. The local affiliate has to fill that slot.

As for 60 Minutes. It starts at 7PM and is followed by 3 prime time shows at 8,9,10 PM. I don’t remember that during the start of fall premier season locals start delaying the start. It’s usually a inprogress event. If they delayed they would have problems with advertiser and programing owners. Not alone all the telco’s that have DVR’s set to record.

Another example, Biden likes to give his talks starting at 9PM EDT. That’s 6PM PDT. When he continually started late and ran way past 7PM PDT local affiliates stopped broadcasting his talks. Why because thay ran into 2 popular shows that started at 7PM PDT - Wheel of Furtune followed by Jeopardy. Popular money makers

Now if you want to watch Joe it would be Foxnews, CNN, or PBS.