Thanks mr trump


ok so i am new to cord cutting and thanks to mr trump last night i missed 2 shows i like, the fbi and the rookie. and since i no longer have a tv provider i cant watch from the networks apps.
what other solutions do we have ?
any solution for cord cutters in this situation ?


The broadcast was pre-announced. You should have extended your recordings to account for the delay.

You can probably buy or rent the episodes from iTunes or Google Play.


Watching Chuck and Nancy had to be more entertaining.

I never thought it was possible for American Gothic to come to life. I just wish Chuck had been holding a hay fork.


He looked like he had been forked. :joy:


If you are on Roku, use the search option in the main menu to find viewing options. ABC, the latest episode is locked but you can wait about a week when the next episode is released and view it on their app with commercials for free or buy it now on several options. NBC view it free on NBC app with commercials or buy it. CBS buy it or use free 7 trial. If I miss something I really want to see, I buy it in SD for $1.99 or HD for $2.99 on Prime, Vudu or Hulu. I use Prime. With the fexable scheduling options, I don’t have to do this often.

On Roku page down to Search on main menu to see your options.

I performed a Guide update earlier in the afternoon and NBC had changed New Amsterdam’s starting time to 9:21 but the show actually started before that time, I will use the NBC app to view what I missed and then switch to my recorded version on Tablo.


-DTVN is a solution and counts as a provider. It also opens up classic sprograms such as Charles in Charge and Knite Ridder.


What is DVTN?


DIRECT TV NOW, which is streaming.

The can be used with stations to validate


As an FYI, the FBI episode just got preempted entirely and moved a week so you didn’t actually miss it, this weeks episode will be aired next week.


If you haven’t already used it up, I would say sign up for a free trial for Hulu.

Just careful, that’s exactly why I signed up for them a year or two ago (to catch a show I forgot to set to record on Tablo) and have stuck with them since… :roll_eyes: