Thanks for the Netflix info on the weekly email!

Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the info on how to disable that annoying Netflix preview function. I’ve dropped Netflix several times (then re signed) and this ‘feature’ was a major factor.

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Personally, I don’t know anyone that wanted or liked this “feature” of Netflix. Just based on simple statistics, that sort of implies a very very very low percentage probability that there are people that wanted/liked the feature.

Which makes one wonder, should we all be using a streaming service made by idiots?

I actually like the feature… :grin:

I did not at first, especially when my internet was quite a bit slower than it is now as it would make navigating very slow and clunky.

But now, I like it, especially when I’m searching for new stuff to watch. I do occasionally mute the TV when accessing if I know exactly what I am going for so I don’t get distracted though.

Thanks for reading!