Thank You TCL Global!

TCL, maker of fine TV sets and (notably) Roku TVs, has a very nice “Guide to Cord Cutting” on their site. Though it won’t be meaningful to most members of this forum, it provides some fantastic, simple information in nice / easy terms for everybody else.

Also, very nice of them to mention Tablo prominently, while explaining DVR solutions, as applies to the world of OTA.

Find the article in it’s entirety here:

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The people at TCL make excellent TVs for a fair price. They’re good folks :smiley:

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TCL, best TVs for the money and they work wonderfully with my Tablo! I also like the pause / replay functions during live TV for the very few times we still watch live.


They do. I really liked seeing Tablo on their website, as “the” example for DVR.

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TCL is a dark horse. They’ve been quietly piling up the success stories over the past five years and are on a very high level of quality-of-build and value. The thing I find most interesting in the case of TCL, is how happy their install base is. They have a huge army of happy owners, and this is not to mention what they’ve done for Roku and Best Buy, as well.

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For me, this year, it was between the LG and TCL after my Samsung died. I kept reading great reviews at other forums about TCL. I settled on an LG for one reason only - I knew LG tuners were the best and I was concentrating on OTA reception as my major criterion. However had I used other judging standards I would have gone with the TCL.

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Up until about a year ago, I knew very little about TCL, and had mistakenly tossed them off as a “low tier” brand, along with Scepter, Emerson and that bunch. Then I began to learn otherwise, when I actually checked into them. So many sterling reviews, the excellent Roku TVs (for which they’ve become celebrated) and then actually seeing one in a friend’s living room (65" 4k).

I had no idea they were so good, and represented such an excellent bang-for-the-buck. What really cinches it for me with TCL, is the satisfaction level of their owners, and this is much more meaningful than what you get from pundits, “experts” and critics … people who own them, love them.

Another (maybe) boost for LG is better availability of IPS panel TVs. For when you need that (presentation).

Absolutely, there are much better TVs but in the bang for buck I don’t think anyone beats TCL. I wouldn’t even mention a TCL to those that want the best at any price.

Sony 75" 4K is my next TV - fell in love today.

At 75" can’t you wait for 8K :nerd_face:

Found a pretty balanced review of the 6 Series on Cordcutters.