Thank you Nuvyyo and Tablo community! Love my Tablo!

I held off cutting the cord until the Tablo Roku app supported closed captioning and the updated Roku app was out.

Since installing a DB8e antenna and the Tablo 4 weeks ago, can’t believe how much we love watching TV anywhere!

The setup of the Tablo with a WD elements 2T HD via a iPAD and then to my TVs via a Roku2 and Roku3 went perfectly.

Greatly appreciated the last firmware and Roku updates, connection is now even faster. Opened my first ticket 2 weeks ago as new channels added in Buffalo didn’t have guide data for my area. Got a response the next day and the guide data showed up a few days later. Support is fantastic, when I asked about closed captioning support, I received a response in just a few days.

Wanted to thank all the folks in the community, seeing how active and supportive everyone is made the final decision to get the Tablo easy.


Glad to hear everything went well. I have had no significant issues with my Tablo since May 2014.

What is the model number of your HDD? Looking to upgrade.


You are now part of the “Cord Cutters Cult” young grasshopper. Next assignment, recrute friends, family, and co-workers. Also don’t forget to preach to fellow church members about the new and compatible with any faith belief that life is better after renouncing the evils of cable/dish. There may even be more dollars in the collection plate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Glad to hear you’re enjoying your Tablo @Projectguy. We’d very much appreciate it if you and all new users post a review of Tablo on the site where you purchased your unit.

Hi. Got it from Bestbuy with the Tablo, model WDBWLG0020HBK-NESN, WD Elements 2TB 3.5" Desktop External Hard Drive

5 star review posted at BestBuy Canada. Nice to see units are back in stock.


Thanks @Projectguy

Great job Nuvyyo, enjoying my Tablo on a daily basis. The new channel is very nice. Thanks

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