Test Results 11/2023

Providing this for information.

These are my test results I performed in early November, 2023.

(Note: these tests were done using older versions of the Tablo app and Roku firmware)

Tuner is 4th generation 2 tuner model
Tests were done with a Roku Streaming Stick 3810 and Roku Ultra 4800.
Networks tested - 2.4g, 2.4n 5.8n.
Wifi router is at&t (Pace)
Wifi router is approximately 20 feet from the Tablo
Wifi router is apporiximately 25 feet from the 3810 and about 10 feet from the Roku Ultra 4800
Wifi router power is set to low power (40 mw) in a somewhat congested 2.4 gig envinronment and 3 access points seen in the 5 gig environment
Tests were done using live TV
Both Roku’s showed Excellent signal strength to the router

Using a 2.4 802.11g network one stream from Tablo to the Roku 4800 played with no buffer problems. Adding a second stream from the Tablo to the 3810 resulted in buffer problems. (Most likely due to the 54 Mbps limitation and possible longer distance)

802.11n on both 2.4 gig and 5 gig networks streamed with no problems to both Roku devices for a period of 30 minutes. (the duration of the test)

802.11n or better is best for streaming two streams. If an 802.11g network is used do not stream to more than one device as it won’t take much to saturate the network. Signal strength is important. If there are buffering issues check WiFi signal strength, number of devices on the network and router placement.


Excellent data and clarity. It helps users understand why they may be having buffering issues despite a strong or fast internet connection. 2.4ghz will work, but is not a very pleasant experience – especially on a 1080 OTA channel.

Sorry you were bored enough to do this, but it’s great information. Thank you.

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Wasn’t bored. My normal job is a test engineer.

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