Test of new Gen 4

Since my old 4 tuner Gen 0? Tablo died I decided to give a Gen 4 a try. I have been hesitant to buy one given the plethora of problem posts and rants. I am going to post here as I test.
My test environment is on a totally wired network based on a single network segment with a Roku TV as the client connected to the same switch as the Tablo. My internet is solid and has ample bandwidth. This is about as simple a test model as you can get. @Tablo is there anything you would like me to test I would be happy to.


Initial installation report.
Installation went pretty much cleanly. The only issue I had was when the installation script ask me to setup the antenna. It was a little confusing as to that means the “Tablo” antenna not my home antenna. I backed out of that and from there the install went cleanly and the channel scan found 60+ channels for my viewing pleasure. Pretty much painless.

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Roku Installation/Basic Test
I installed the new Gen4 app on my RokuTV with no issues and it fired up just fine and found my Roku with no problems. First impressions is that the client is somewhat slower than the old Gen0 client. I played around with the app creating recordings, watching live shows, deleting recordings, with no issues. The app is a little different in operation than the Gen0 app but that in understandable. All in all besides being a little slower it seems good.

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Streaming bandwidth test
From what I am seeing the bandwidth for a stream from the Tablo to the Roku via a FAST channel starts with a heavy hit as it connects and builds a buffer then idles at 4-6mb per stream. A stream from a RF channel does not hit the internet bandwidth as expected.

First trouble report. It seems like the Roku Client does not recover well. Tablo had been working just fine…then…
I was watching a show off the Tablo on Roku when a weather power outage to the Tablo occurred. The Roku client went in the looking for Tablo. I gave it awhile then gave up and closed the Tablo app on the TV and waited until I was sure the Tablo rebooted then reconnected. Nothing would play. I looked at the settings and the serial number of the Tablo did not display. My Iphone client worked just fine and the setting serial number was there. I then rebooted the Roku and everything started working on the Tablo app again. Up until then the Roku client was pretty solid other than a little slower than the legacy app and a different operation,

So I have been using my Gen4 for a few days and it seems to be solid. I think a lot of the issues that people are having might be related to wifi or poor networking. In addition the Tablo’s GUI is slow. Much slower than my legacy Tablo. There are times when i was wondering if it would return then it did. Bad networking and patience is a requirement with this product for sure.


The many problems I have had are NOT network issues and if you are NOT having issues then you are in the 1% of Users. I have been using the ONN device, the FireTV stick 4k and the second gen 4kMax and all have issues. Many issues. While some of the devices work better they all have at least 6 or more issues that are very annoying.

Many of the issues are 8 months old and have not been fixed and I have given up hope that they will ever be fixed.

List the issues here that are recurrent and I will test them in my environment. Bear in mind I am a Roku user and will test with that model.

My brother in christ… stop playing, my dude!

This thread is about a user testing against his Roku. Stay on topic please!

Some of your issues are internal, but you don’t want to admit to it. I understand it’s not perfect, I have weird issues myself. BUT it’s functional for the most part.

BTW a new Fire App Update just released, have you tested it and returned feedback? Probably not… but I acquired a free LG FireTV and it runs great with the Tablo APP.

If you’re that unhappy, switch vendors my dude!

Why do I even bother…


Stop being a shill for Tablo and you will have less stress in you life Bro.

I clearly indicated I was not a ROKU User. Roku Users should know that other devices continue to have problems.

I bought the FireTV stick second gen 4k max to test your glowing comments and I have proved YOU wrong about how well it works woth the Tablo 4th gen. Yes it is a tad better than the 4k 1st gen but I have hit at least 6 issues that are unacceptable.

But hey you love it even with the issues as your tolerance level for problems is unacceptably LOW!

So what your saying all your problems are client based? We could prove/disprove that by your giving me one repeatable problem that I can test. Otherwise your just a ringing bell…


Bruh, Not a shill for Tablo. I’m just keeping it a buck.

6 problems? Post them / Relay them to Tablo… Not just post them, post them in great detail. I know I have. Tablo has followed up on it. I gather details, even get other users involved to test, or vice versa. I relay the details back to Tablo because I care for a product that I paid for… If that’s “shilling” then shill me straight in my bunghole.

You spent money to “prove me wrong” and DIDN’T take that money elsewhere with a vendor that would fit your needs better. But you rather spent time and your money on a vendor that supposedly unacceptable? That’s what I’m getting at. If Tablo sucks that bad, move on to another vendor bruh.

You talk about less stress in my life… you’re the one still using the product that’s… again… unacceptable.


I know I’m gonna regret asking …

Why didn’t you pick up a cheap Roku and see if you’re having problems on it, too? It’s not like you have to keep it… every store has a return policy.

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I have posted them repeatedly on the Tablo community forum and so have others! They are easy to find! I see no need to post them over and over again as Tablo would have fixed them already if there was any real interest!

I picked up a cheap ONN device and because others have said the FireTV 4k max was great I bought that too. Still many issues many of which I saw on the FireTV 4k 1st gen and did not go away with the other devices. Why? Because Tablo never fixed them. I have not seen a Tablo software fix since Nov 2023 that fixed any of the issues I saw.

When was the last time we saw a Tablo software fix for FireTV sticks that fixed anything? Never since Nov 2023!

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They are too busy developing appletv and tizen apps to fix other issues. Of course this costs them non appletv and tizen customers. Even I had to give up and make sure my plex server was up to date until things are fixed

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Thank you then. Please ignore this post and complain on some other post.


And that’s fine… But instead of being informative for other users trying to figure out if their problem is similar, you keep popping into others users’ threads just to complain.

Since no one should have to dig around for hours trying to figure out your Tablo issues and you’re unwilling to give a small breakdown, only you can say if any app updates have helped.

FWIW, I have found app updates to go in both directions. I can’t say this latest android/fireOS version has made anything worse, though.

As for the Roku, I had only asked why you didn’t try that out as well. Maybe you’d have a different experience. They’re completely separate apps.

There’s really no point in posting if you can’t be helpful. I have to wonder if Tablo see this as a two-way street…

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