Terrible Experience

I hope that not everyone has had this type of experience, but Tablo is leaving a sour taste in my mouth. For reference I have a DUAL LITE.

To start, the wireless setup just doesn’t work. I am using my.tablotv.com as well as an installed Android app. Get to the page where it says “Connect to your tablo’s wifi network” and when I do, absolutely nothing happens. The console just throws GET http://wifiap.nuvyyo.com/stream/wifi_ping 0 () errors for days.

“Fine,” I say. “I will just set up with Ethernet.” Nope. I connect to my Tablo and the setup doesn’t want you to put in your wireless settings first or give you an option to even do so. It wants you to set up channels. My router isn’t close to my antenna so ethernet + antenna isn’t an option. I somehow manage to get my phone app to get to a wifi set up even though most of the time it still requests that you switch to the Tablo_XXXX wireless network (which, in case you forgot, does not work). But now I am on the page to set up the wireless credentials? Does it scan for available networks? Nope. Fine, I will enter my SID and password manually. Hey, it works! Move it back to the antenna, scan for channels. Tablo crashes mid scan and I can’t connect to it anymore. At all. This includes ethernet.

Factory settings reboot! Still can’t connect to it by any means. Go to bed. Next day I can somehow connect to it through ethernet (I think this is having it unplugged long enough). Go through same crazy setup to get my wifi SID and password put in. Now Tablo stops broadcasting wifi and won’t connect through wifi at all. Ethernet also goes out again.

I will call their support line. I don’t go into work in the morning. On hold for 30 minutes. That’s fine, they are specialists and are busy with other customers. Get ahold of one of them. Start working through an issue. Phone line drops. I don’t have time to wait in the queue for another 30 minutes. Would be nice if I had set up a way to get back in contact with them directly in case something like this happened. Lesson for next time. Maybe I can email them with a request saying I got booted off a call and it would get answered. It’s a shot in the dark, but who knows. Nope, I just get a snarky response back hours later saying they are busy and can’t call me back. Pretty sure my email was not understood.

I get a chance to leave work early so I can call them before their 5:30 closing time. It is a well advertised closing time. Snarky email told me when the closing time was. Wow, I made it, 5:23. I call. “Our offices are closed.” Now I have missed 2 hours of work for no help. Sure, I get that people can’t work all day, but if you aren’t going to answer phones at 5:30 THEN DON’T SAY THAT CALL IN SUPPORT IS OPEN UNTIL 5:30!!!

I am fairly certain I have bad hardware. I want to go through the correct channels to get it fixed but Tablo seems intent on making sure that getting help is a giant waste of my time.

Sounds like Nuvyyo dropped the ball on this one a bit. Guessing that you’ll probably get a reply to your post here. With some apologies I imagine as well.

If you do not have the ability to run a cable from your antenna to the location of your router or a long ethernet cable from your Tablo to your router then yes you are going to have to connect Tablo wirelessly.

What device are you using for setup? You must first go to the wifi settings of that device to find the Tablo wifi network & connect to it with your device. Then go back to the Tablo app on your device & find & connect to your local wifi network from the app. Now you again must go back to your device settings & connect it back to your local wifi network. Then again return to the Tablo app & you should now see your Tablo displayed in the connect to Tablo screen.

Hope this helps, I know that Tablo’s support hours can be frustrating for many who work during those hours. IMO, this might be their biggest downfall.

I’m sincerely sorry to hear that you first experience with the Tablo DUAL LITE and our support team was not positive.

I’ve touched based with our team to make sure that we get you up and running ASAP - I believe you spoke with one of our team members this morning. We will make this right.

We’re also investigating why you received the ‘out of hours’ prompt before our support hours ended. We do not take these types of complaints lightly, and we’ll be working to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

My issue was resolved on the phone that morning, you are correct. One last issue that I had with the experience based on that.

The machine setup process is broken. my.tablotv.com does not connect to the Tablo wifi server on my pc or through the android app and because of that I cannot set up wifi on my home network. The workaround was to give my SID and wifi password to the support staff over the phone so that they could update the machine from their end. Let’s gloss over the fact that this is an insanely insecure process. This is also not a supportable process because I would have to call and queue with support every time I wanted to change my credentials.

So is Tablo not replacing your unit? Replacement seems to be the obvious answer here - right?

I would think that this is a software problem and not a hardware one. So I would definitely question that a replacement would have resolved the issue.

Maybe, but then they should be able to fix it. And why is it not a problem on all Dual Lite units? Or maybe it is.