Temporary Subscription Issue Affecting Subset of Tablo DVRs

Last night, one of Tablo’s subscription servers encountered an issue which caused a small subset of Tablo units to temporarily forget their TV Guide Data Subscription statuses.

This means that recordings scheduled on affected units for Friday, June 14th may fail and other TV Guide Data subscription-required features and services may be temporarily unavailable.

We apologize to those affected and have taken steps to prevent this issue from occurring in the future.

If you are running Tablo firmware 2.2.26, you can correct this problem immediately.

Go to my.tablotv.com and connect to your Tablo.


(If you have more than one Tablo, make sure to follow this process for all units.)

Reading this post on Saturday? If your Tablo was affected, this problem should have resolved itself during your Tablo’s overnight maintenance period, with no intervention on your part.

If you are running Tablo firmware 2.2.24 or older, you may need to take the additional step of toggling the recording setting on your series schedules.


If you’re still encountering any issues with your Tablo, please let us know or contact Tablo Support directly.

I’m vacationing abroad, and haven’t been able to connect remotely to my Tablo. Please refresh for me. Thanks!

I’m unable to connect remotely also.


I’m running the latest software and had to “toggle” the record new on all my shows so they would set to record.

This was necessary on just one of my two Tablo 4 tuner units.


Now that is something we’d like to take a closer look at. What’s the name of the Tablo you were seeing this on? (Assuming you’ve named them because that might get confusing!)


“Tablo 1” was the one I had to toggle

“Tablo 2” was OK


@cthompgh Thanks for the detail. Do you know how to put your units into remote access mode? We’d like to grab the logs for both so we can compare/contrast.

It’s likely that Tablo 2 didn’t hit the affected server, but we still want to know why your schedules didn’t come back on Tablo 1.

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Unfortunately, it’s not possible to re-assert pairing of remote devices when you’re away from your Tablo’s home network. :frowning:

I will restate the issue. I am traveling abroad and had fully anticipated - and had prepared for - being able to connect remotely. Lack of bandwidth however, prevented that from happening. I will have to be content to refresh the guide when I get home because of your unwillingness to assist me, which I know you can do because you keep the MAC addresses on file.

We do keep MAC addresses for your Tablo on file, however there is unfortunately no way to renew remote pairing once its lost aside from returning the device in question to the Tablo’s home network.

Hmmm. The problem wasn’t that the device I was using remotely was not paired. It was a bandwidth issue. I was hoping you could refresh the guide for me because I couldnt connect. I eventually was able to connect to my Tablo remotely. It appears the guide was refreshed over the weekend. Mahalo.

Goes back to user name and password requested 5 years ago instead of dumb pairing currently required