TCL Roku TV Issues

I’m having trouble with the connection between my TCL Roku TV and my Tablo. Other Roku sticks connect without an issue, but the Tablo app takes awhile to load each menu and then when you select the show to watch it takes 30-60 seconds to start playing, then often stops after a few seconds and buffers again. Wireless connection between TV and wi-fi is excellent. All other apps I’ve tried (Hulu, VUDU, Netflix, etc.) load quickly and play without issue. I’ve tried re-setting the Tablo, resetting the hard drive, removing and reinstalling the Tablo app, making sure TV software is up to date, etc. None of it has resolved the issue. I’ve had this TV for nearly 6 months and the Tablo for a year or so. I was having no trouble until the last two weeks, and while the issue is intermittent, it increasingly more frequent. When this happens, the Tablo app is essentially unusable and I either have to go to a different room or not watch what I’ve recorded.

Is there any chance the TV is running low on memory - have you installed several other channels in the interim? If not, it might be worth hardwiring the TV temporarily to see if it has any impact on performance.

Thanks for the suggestion / question. Sorry for the delay in responding. I deleted several unused channels / apps, but I had not added any for several months. Even after doing this, the issue is still happening with some frequency – particularly in the evenings, it seems. This makes me think it could be a bandwidth issue (I have ATT internet), but then my other streaming channels (hulu, netflix and vudu) all load and stream without issues. An additional bit of information is that when I click “watch,” it goes to a gray/black screen with a scrolling wheel and then returns to the episode menu, which seems like a glitch. Unfortunately, I don’t have the option to hardwire my tv to the ethernet due to the location of the available outlets to see if that addresses the issue.

Update: I removed the app from my TCL Roku TV again and reinstalled it, but the issue continues. I also plugged in another Roku stick to the tv and the Tablo worked (it is slower than when it is upstairs right next to the modem/router, but I could access and play recorded content). Meanwhile, the Tablo app on the Roku TV continues to try to play recorded content and then revert back to the menu that appears when you first select a recorded show to watch.

Was this issue resolved? I think I am encountering the same topic, but without a happy ending (yet?). Thanks!

It has been. I believe that I called (or did an online chat) with Tablo to have them check my device. I think they might have done a reset or cleared the cache. That, along with making sure that the signal was strong (I added an ATT wi-fi extender) seemed to help. Hope you get your issue resolved soon. Technology like this is great until it doesn’t work!