TCL Roku Format Flashing Tablo Screens

When exiting live tv and going back to the guide, the guide’s formating flashes back and forth. This also happens when coming back out of a recording.

me too.TCL tv… have you gotten any answers?

You’re my only one.

Bought an Onn Roku TV recently. It does exactly what you describe.

I have Roku OS 11.5.0 build 4312

Mine: TCL Roku 4k.

I’m sure, due to the lack of any real updates to the Tablo, that it’ll never be corrected.

I too just bought a TCL 65” Roku TV. I have the same problem. My old 55” TCL Roku TV did not have the problem. I have programmed apps that had a similar problem, old programmer here. It looks like the attributes of the objects that build the guide and the recorded program box have been corrupted. These attributes self correct with a page down and page up.

Possibly the attributes need to be initialized prior to displaying these screens. It is also probable the TCL based code is stepping on the attributes in memory. They should be put into a protected area. I would volunteer to test any fix on my tv. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments,


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