TCL Android TV Disconnect Every Time I Turn It Off

Does anyone who has a TCL Android TV running Tablo’s application on it experienced disconnect issue with Tablo every time when you turn off the TV? I will have to reconnect with the Tablo every time I turn on the TV and launch the Tablo app. I have noticed that TCL Android TV when turned off the network port and USB port are off as well.

I have a TCL 55R625, and the Tablo app works just fine on it. You might check some of the TV’s network settings. Other than that, I have no clue what the problem might be.

Something I just thought of… in the TV’s Power settings there’s an option called Fast TV Start. If that’s set to off, the TV is probably shutting down the Wi-Fi connection when it’s powered off. In that case, it would need to re-establish the connection when turned back on.

Turning on Fast TV Start should keep things connected. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks, Jack! My TCL Android TV doesn’t have the fast TV Start, but it does have auto start on Chrome Cast. I have turned that option on to see if it keeps the ethernet port powered when the TV is off.

Duh. I saw “Android” and read “Roku.” Never mind.

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