TCL Android Smart 4K TV Tablo Application Disconnections

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem with my Tablo application disconnecting from Tablo itself when I put my TV on stand by mode. The Ethernet port on the TV switches off, even on stand by mode, causing the app to lose connection with the box. Every time I re-launched the app it will seem to be connected, and when I tried to do something with it, it will lose connection and have to re-connect. The re-connection will take around 20 to 30 seconds to re-establish. Is there any fix to this issue? I have a network connected dual channel version. In another word, the economy version.

Is it a Roku TV? In the TV’s “power” settings there’s an option for quick startup. Turn that on.

Hi, Jack,

No, it’s an android Smart TV. Downloaded Tablo app from Google Play.

If there is an option to switch from standby mode to just turning the TV off, that might be your best bet.

It sounds like the the TVs networking gets shut down on standby, the Tablo app comes up, discovers it has no connection, and then recovers when the TV’s networking eventually comes back up…