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So, I am the proud owner of two Smart TVs that allow dlna access. The Panasonic and the Samsung both work fine with dlna sources that are already recorded, but neither works with live streams of any kind. So, whether it’s a live tv feed (say SyFy), whatever, neither tv can play those. 

So, concerned that the Plex Plugin combined with TabloTV will also not work with live tv.

I found a Samsung forum somewhere that documents Samsung models that simply will not work with live dlna streams. And mine is one of those. Anyone have any knowledge or experience with this issue?

This is an important issue as Tablo needs to expand ways for accessing the tuner other than just Roku.   

@sfatula i have only tested live dlna on the ps3 before but have you tried the plex app for Samsung?

You got me curious. I have a Kuro (maybe one of the last Pioneer TV customers) and it can play DLNA over ethernet.

I went digging around in the Plex underground and figured out (kinda’) how to build a DLNA profile for the TV (the generic profile wasn’t working). With the included profile, I am able to:

  • Identify the TV
  • Direct play compatible mp4 files
  • Transcode play other files, including
    • Tablo recorded TV
    • Tablo Live TV
Now, the traditional Plex media looks real nice and is smooth. The transcoded Tablo, however, appears as a low-framerate (15-20 fps or so, a bit choppy). It is probably possible to improve on that - but the DLNA stuff for Plex isn’t exactly user friendly.

Here’s my profile that works with Tablo.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

uPnP Device Spy can be used to find the proper strings for the identification section. Name your profile’s file the same as your profile’s . In the above example, kuro.xml.

Here is a list of Samsung tvs that work and do not work with dlna, live. Live DLNA is slightly different standard than non live. 

I just wish there was a way to get TV on so called smart tvs without a box.

@sfatula - This is something we’re working on in the lab! I don’t have an ETA to share at the moment, but we are looking into it. Stay tuned!

Any update on Samsung “Smart” TVs?  I cannot get Tablo with Plex to stream any content despite many attempts at reinstallation of Plex, the Tablo channel, etc.  I’m looking for guidance to prove/disprove it’s my TV (Samsung F series) and not some other setup item.

Frustrating that I can’t get Tablo / Plex / Samsung Smart TV to work together  - Plex and Tablo work just fine via other devices (Ipad, Android, Web, etc.)

Sorry @mblogler … This is still on the to-do list and we are chipping away at the problem but need some more time to make it a reality. Our dev working on this issue was also heavily involved with the launch of the recent web smartphone apps. He’ll have some more time to devote to this now.

@TabloTV -  Let me first say I believe most appreciate that you’re addressing bugs and issues with streaming to phones and tablets however you have a LONG list of feature requests from your users so in the interest of honesty where do you stand on anything for the “living room” other than telling users to “Stay tuned”     

Lag time for tuning live channel went from ~16 seconds  - > ~12 seconds in most recent update which is still suboptimal.  I’m not trying to torture you but do you understand that the window for Tablo to succeed is not unlimited?   Your development time cycle needs to be stepped up before a competing product does.   
Frustrating that I can't get Tablo / Plex / Samsung Smart TV to work together  - Plex and Tablo work just fine via other devices (Ipad, Android, Web, etc.)

I haven’t specifically tried Plex app on Samsung Smart TV however I can tell you the Plex app on new Vizio Smart TVs doesn’t see the TabloTV which is linked to Plex server.   Conversely, Plex app on Amazon FireTV can see and playback recorded Tablo content from Plex server.   I’m no Plex expert but I suspect the Plex apps for SmartTV’s are not fully functional.

Whats needed is a native Tablo app for Samsung SmartTV :wink:
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Does your Samsung SmartTV have a web browser? I’m finding the web app works great on my LG’s browser. 

Has there been any movement on a native Tablo app for Samsung Smart TV’s.  I am currently using plex as a pass through, but as buggy as Plex seems to be, i would love to cut out the middle man!

Oh man a native samsung app would be amazing. As it sits I cant seem to get the plex or plex beta apps to show my recordings so sadly I will be returning myTablo unless I find out something. I have nothing but smart TVs and although the Roku app does work. I have no plans to buy a ton of them. 

I am new to Tablo and therefore to this community. I thought I would share my ‘solution’ to the Live viewing issue. First off, in my opinion, the Live viewing just doesn’t work, at least with my 2013 Samsung Smart TV. I think Tablo is certainly an excellent tool for scheduling and recording my favorite shows, but I had too many issues trying to Live view and channel surf (which I like to do frequently).
My solution was to purchase a coax cable splitter plus a pair of short cables (for less than 15 on Amazon). Now I have access to regular TV (and all my Smart TV apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pandora, etc.), and I can channel surf as much as I please without interfering with my scheduled recordings on Tablo.
This may be rudimentary, but it seems to be working well, similar to the ‘old days’ when the video recorder was more of a separate entity than things seem these days.

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