TabloTV Plex Plugin

In case you guys missed the announcement:


Very cool! Gamers will be stoked! 

Smartglass app is sending it to download now…

Looks great but no MKV support on Xbox One or 360 yet - deal breaker until M$ adds this support.

It’s great for Tablo content but I just mean to combined use of Plex for Tablo and all your other local media.

@theuser86  I hope you can piece back together that deal you broke… :slight_smile:

It’s coming


Thanks for the link - I’ve got a Xbox 360 though, do you know if it’ll be getting the MKV support as well?

@theuser86 It shouldn’t matter because Plex will remux the video stream in real time into a format the 360 supports. 


Well remux’ing and transcoding are two different things. I don’t want the video being transcoded because it’s a heavy load on the CPU. Remux’ing from MKV to MP4 but leaving the video untouched is what would be ideal - is that what you’re indicating would happen?

@theuser86 Plex will remux wherever it can, if for example the MKV has a DTS audio track it will just transcode the audio portion and remux it into mp4. If it is a AVI and the client doesn’t support mp3 audio or Mpeg4 video it will transcode everything to the easiest to encode format that the client supports, for instance this might be mpeg2 with ac3 audio in a TS stream if the endpoint supports that format.

This post is misleading and needs to be taken down. The Plex app on Xbox One does not have support for Channels. Therefore you CANNOT get Tablo on Xbox One.

This is either Microsoft’s fault or Plex’s fault that Channels cannot be used on the Xbox One client. This is a forum for discussion, not a press release or announcement, no need to remove the thread.

At least a title change…

I agree with the suggestion of a title change. No one is saying that it is the fault of the Tablo, but the point is that the thread title is inaccurate and confusing (though I’m sure posted with the best intentions.) 

The title is still inaccurate.