TabloTV just doesn't work well

Hello Tablo Developers

I’m finding that TabloTV just doesn’t work well. If I hadn’t paid for the box/tv guide data already and there was a alternative, I’d ask for my $ back. As is , this what I’ve found , recording at the lowest setting - below the suggested one.
iPad connected via wireless ---- most programs play about 10 minutes and the app hangs
AppleTV — connected directly to the router hub — sometimes programs will play about 1/2 hour – but inevitably the iOS app hangs
The only app that is decent is the app that comes with my SamSung TV. Perhaps, around 3-4 1/2 programs are played until the Samsung TV app hangs.

Using the Java-based Tabloexporter app, I’ve been able to download and view 1 hour shows. But a 3+ hour show (football game) isn’t properly recorded and by the 3rd quarter… the video gets truncated and the rest of the game is gone.

Using the tabloexport app, apparently there is only around 110 MB of free memory available – so I can’t see how TabloTV can properly save lengthy TV shows.


“just doesn’t work well”?
I find this kind of funny since there are thousands of us for whom it works just fine. I have a Tablo Quad. Recording set to highest setting. I watch Tablo on my iPad (wirelessly) without issue. Same with our Roku devices. On 4 different TVs. Some wireless and some wired ethernet.
So it sounds to me like you have something else going on and just being quick to blame.


The two major factors in making a Tablo work well are the antenna and the home network. If either setup is faulty, the Tablo will have problems.

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Hey @rogertv It does sound like there might be a slowdown on your home network or perhaps you may be using an incompatible form of storage. Both can cause the type of extreme buffering you’re seeing.

Don’t hesitate to touch base with our support team. They can give you some tips on improving your setup so you can start enjoying shows in their entirety.

Is the Tablo on a wired connection or on wireless?
Is the Apple TV on a wired connection or on wireless?
Is the Samsung TV on a wired connection or on wireless?

What make/model of Hard Drive do you have connected to the Tablo?

SanDisk 256GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Tablo Is wired connection to router ( 6 inches away)
Apple TV ( wired connection— 6 in away)
Samsung TV( 3 yr s old, wireless)
Outdoor roof antennae

:grimacing: Well that’s the likely culprit. Flash drives aren’t supported.

I’ll bet if you switch to a supported form of storage, you’ll be happy as a clam:


An ultrafit is one of the worst drives I can imagine for this application. I bet that thing could have practically lit a cigarette it was so hot. Don’t get me wrong they are great little drives.

I bet that if you get a proper hard drive your experience will improve exponentially. You will ideally want an externally powered hard drive. A 2.5 inch drive without external power can work but it isn’t my first choice. There are lists of tested drives to choose from if you just want to play things safe.

Many thanks for the suggestion to replace the SandDisk flash drive. Yes - everything is working fine now and I’m a happy camper I got out an old IOMEGA 80G Drive, a few years (5+ ) old which needs a 2nd separate USB connection for power. Not being a HW/Drive geek… why does an old HD work better than new flash drive (1 month) old ?

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In part, different technologies. I’m sure someone may have a detailed explanation. There have been some discussion in the past if you search here.

–they are just different😐

  1. Please get a new USB HDD. 80GB is too small and that old drive will likely start failing with heavy writes and cause more problems.
  2. You said you bought the guide subscription, just curios how long was your Tablo not working properly with the flash drive?
  3. The read and write speeds on a flash drive is significantly slower than a HDD so hence the problems.

Within Best Buy’s 14 day return policy, everything was working fine ( WiFi iPad) for 1 hour or less shows so I purchased the Lifetime guide subscription on September 29 , 2019) I spent Christmas trying the suggestions of fixing buffering problems by hard wiring devices ( Apple TV) to the router. Another workaround attempt was using a Java tablo app to download and the view on a computer. But the 49er/ Vikings game got truncated after 3 quarters (. As viewed on Mac laptop) So perhaps I’ve been trying workarounds for a month before using this newsgroup. I tried the 80G HDD method at 2am — only 1 day ago—- before I’ve had a chance to go to the store.

That may not have been a bad thing depending on what team you were rooting for…

Lots of tested (by fellow Tablo users) drives listed here.

I’m a fan of Lacie D2 drives myself? (For work and personal use, including my Tablo)

Glad it’s working better for you now!

I’m not sure why my tablo doesn’t seem to work well
It always says that the storage is full or unavailable even when there is nothing on the storage. I can program it just fine and watched part of one show but the message always is that the storage is full. Not seeming to work well for me either

That would point to a problem with the storage device you’re using. Support is always happy to take a closer look at your setup to confirm and give you some suggestions:

If you’re not already using a supported storage format, the first step is making a switch: