TabloTV app missing for install on newer Samsung TVs?

Hello Everyone,

I have two Samsung Smart TVs. One being a UN50NU6900 (2018) and the other being a UN55RU7100 (2019). The older TV (UN50NU6900) is running a current firmware version of 1271. On this TV the Samsung App market has the TabloTV app. On the newer new TV ( UN55RU7100) which is running firmware version 1315 (I believe) I am unable to find the app when searching to install it. Does anyone know which firmware versions are currently supported. I had assumed newer TVs would have the app available as I have not seen anything stating otherwise. Look forward to the feedback.


We have submitted the app for approval with Samsung for the newest models but alas I don’t have an ETA on how long that process will take.

Good news!

Just wondering how to figure out the Samsung’s remote to work with the functionality of the tablo. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Do you have the Tablo app downloaded?

Yes I do

I just got a 2020 Samsung and their App Store doesn’t have a Tablo app, any idea when that might be coming?

Are you in Canada? The Tablo app for Samsung TVs is not available here for some reason. I have been told that it is unlikely that it will be released here.

I’m in the US

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I’ll second this, just purchased a 2020 Samsung Frame TV and Tablo isn’t available.

I’m looking for the app too. The original post is a year old and it looks like the app became available for the 2019 model in October. So hopefully it will be available for 2020 before too long.

I have three Samsung TVs with the Tablo app.
Two are running Tizen 4.0 and one Tizen 2.3

I just bought a new Samsung 85” TV running Tizen 5.5 and you know what? the Tablo app isn’t available!

I’m in the US, so I think the problem is the app needs to be updated to be compatible with 5.5

When are you guys coming out with an update? Could this one have commercial skipping?

From the initial post it sounds like Tablo did update their app and submitted it for approval to Samsung and it’s Samsung who hasn’t approved it. Maybe they’ll clarify again for you.

The initial post was in Oct 2019 so hopefully the 2020 update will be coming before too long.