TabloTV+Amazon FireTV+Bluetooth Audio = pure amazement!

FYI: There is a recent AFTV (not the stick) update that now allows for bluetooth audio. I am using Beats Studio wireless and so far the audiois surprisingly synced well 

Side Note: found out in the AFTV settings that you can also miracast (From my surface pro 3). I think this has been available for a while,not part of the recent update. Prerty cool though.

AFTV features are killing it!

Yeah it’s a cool feature. The Roku 3 has a headphone jack on the remote so you can listen via headphones too.

@theuser86 yes that is a very cool feature for the Roku. For years I’ve wished for a feature like just one of these for AppleTV. Apple could’ve done something similar to Roku with the iphone connecting to the ATV and using the headphone jack.

I am completely done with AppleTV. Roku and Amazon have got to be killing it now.

I’m surprized to hear yours is working well @ted. I have an AFTV as well and I use bluetooth headphones for Netflix and Hulu which work fine but when I try to use them with Tablo or Plex the audio is lagged. I just figured it was an issue with the player but maybe it’s my headphones since I’m just using a cheap pair from BestBuy.