Tablotv 4 tuner losing connection

I purchased a used tablo 4 tuner . I’m having a issue. When I first set it up I didn’t factory reset it and tried it out. Watched about 45min of tv without any issues on my fire stick. Wake up this morning and try to watch a kids show and it cuts out after 9 seconds and looks like its buffering but it never loads and says lost connection to tablo. Reconnect and than same problem.

Trying with firestick gives error timeout waiting for video data.

Same problem on directly wired pc and android app on my phone.

Tablo LD-B048418

I’ve also updated the tablo. It is connected via ethernet.

I played around a bit and got it working by disconnecting the hard drive… my western digital 4tb didn’t work on my xbox one anymore but seemed to work on my pc but I guess its faulty when connected to the tablo

Did you let Tablo reformat the drive when it was connected?

Good morning,
It’s frustrating to have a ‘new’ toy and its’ giving you trouble.

Since this is an older unit, it may have a weak power supply. I think it should be 12 volts @ 1.5 - 2 amps. A weak power supply will drive you crazy when troubleshooting Tablo problems.

Tablo seems to be pretty particular about the hard drive. There is even a list of tested drives that you might refer to. If you are using a drive that was flaky on another system, I would suggest getting a new drive or at least one that is known to be good.

Yes formatted. Weird that hard drive is a powered hard drive and it causes that type of problem. Weird issue. I’ll look to the referred drives .

If that did the trick then it would definitely point to a drive issue.

It’s possible that the drive has bad sectors. Support could try running some fixups for you but the best bet for long-term enjoyment is to grab a new drive: