Tablo's Roku app enhancement requests

I think you can just beta test apps and not firmware.

I understand the commerical skip - firmware - was beta tested via volunteer users.

Actually, Amazon sells learning Roku remotes that can be taught to change inputs. Some of them permit learning of all the buttons so you can have exactly what you want.

Notice it says not for Roku Stick. Those will only work on the IR controlled Roku like the Ultra. The sticks are RF controlled. I have one ultra… in the living room. The 3 other TVs all run Streaming Stick+ and the learning remote won’t work on those.

Yeah, I know that’s a drawback, but I have IR Rokus so it’s not a problem for me.

This seems to contradict that:

However, the access code for the Tablo Beta app for Roku is not difficult to guess. :wink:

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